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These sprites are FREE to use in your games!

I will be adding to this sprite pack regularly! 

So be sure to follow me on here. 

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ColorPalette.zip 27 kB
PixelPete'sArtAssets.zip 175 kB


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Hello, I'm always watching YouTube videos. Thank you for sharing these. I'm making my little GB studio game with this.Can I use them for youtube video or commercial e-book illustration? I'd appreciate it if you could let me know. :)

Thank you for posting it. Your content is soooo wonderful! I referred some of the elements (tiles, houses, fences, and grasses) of your paintings as the background of the promotional content(Instagram card news). I will reveal the source of your drawing of the content to be uploaded later. Thank you :)


Hey Pete, found someone trying to resell some of your assets, specifically the buttons.  They made some really minor tweaks but they are nearly identical


Thanks for looking out 👍



Hmmmm lunch time (It means the sprite are really beautiful lol)

These look great. Thanks Pete!

Thanks mate! Love the artwork. Been using a bit of it for a game I'm trying to develop. Hope to share soon.

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Thx :) i love pixel art

Thanks, I've been following your guides and I only started few months and I already can see my improvements.

you are the ultimate babe



Thanks for the youtube content, it's helped a lot.



HI lovely tutorials iv directed some traffic your way, great work. Check out fuze for the nintendo switch great community would be awesome to have you create something with it.

Thank you XD

I love you PP.


Is this free for commerical use also?


I am a programmer and I suck so bad at art, and when I finally decided I'd start an indie game, I was lost without hope, and then... YouTube did its magic and recommended you, and now I finally understand what a guy said in a rant about pixel art I watched: "One pixel can make all the difference"
Thank you so much for your tutorials! You are Amazing!

Found someone who seems to have re-uploaded one of your button assets with minuscule adjustments. 


Thank you for your asset as poor in art


Thanks for the free sprites! :)

Is there any chance you could add a more official license to them, such as CC-0?


Yeah i should 

Hey Pete!

I've just begun working on my 2D RPG. I wanted to first focus on the mechanics, and was looking for some free pixel art I can use for now. Thank you so much for putting these out! Really appreciate it. I've also been watching your tutorials on YouTube. Hopefully, I'll be able to make some nice art eventually.


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There are other assets to put, no? Love you! How do YOU make games?

Where are the walls?

Deleted 1 year ago

you have torch assets?

Hi Pete, I wanted to know if you have more 8x8 images to download and use in Tiled, It would be appreciated if you published them, thanks


Don't you have a discord? hehe

Peter Milko#5216


Discord server*



Hey I just found your video about Pixel art 101, and I tried searching for you on pinterest but couldn't find you. I imagine you took your pinterest down




What game engine yall use? Because Im pretty broke so...

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GBStudio and Unity are free. I use both and I do art in Aseprite ($15) but there are good free pixel art tools out there if you search. 

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If you want a really easy to use but powerful game engine for free you might try GDevelop https://gdevelop-app.com/ , if you want something on par with Unity / Unreal but completely free for any use I would encourage you to try out Godot Engine : https://godotengine.org/ 


Ct.js is easy to learn yet a deep game engine for 2D, with lots of visual tools. It is free and on itch.io as well: https://comigo.itch.io/ct

There is also a LibreSprite, a free maintained fork of Aseprite: https://github.com/LibreSprite/LibreSprite/


Godot is the best free engine by an absolute long shot, especially for 2D stuff, but soon enough 3D as well (it already supports 3D, but the team is implementing Vulkan to make it that much better).


I prefer Unity for many reasons.


That's a legit opinion, even if it's neither free, nor open source. The C# support though just got tight, really happy with it, even if that's also not 100% just yet.


hey, theres some image canvases on the preview, right there but they aren't on the pack, can we use them?

Yeah, ill also add a bunch more sprites this weekend :D

Constantly above and beyond dude, you're doin' great stuff for the community.
Also liked the way you spoke about how colours work in Moonlighter in that vid. Goddamn that's a great lookin' game.