Controls: Z , X, Enter, Shift, Arrow Keys

Gurbs is a gnome that lives in the Little Tree Forrest. He wakes up to a squirrel taking his hat, the adventure begins! 

I made some tutorials for GB Studio, the tool I used. If you'd like me to finish the game and make more tutorials let me know!

My current project is a tower defense dungeon crawler Dwerve!

My Youtube Tutorials!



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I can't wait to meet King Squirrel!

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found a glitch where i can get out of the map, hit enter then z very fast in succession and it teleports you and puts you outside the map

thanks for the work, this inspired me !!!

i just attacked the squirrel  and it went from 30hp to 1hp to 252hp 

maybe a little weird

haha whoops

The explanation on why that happens is on his videos, and even the fix, but I guess this version isn't updated.

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I collected one cats. You crack me up.

Really helpful tutorials and good loking arts :)


Hey man, I want to thank you for your tutorials. I'm watching them and they really help! I wanted to ask you if you could make a video showing how to make a character walk around and if you are in their line of sight they come to you and do whatever (talk, attack, etc.)

I'm trying to make a "don't be spotted" game, but so far I can make a character run to you if they are just standing, not walking around. It must be hard, but if you could make a tutorial for that, that would be awesome!

sure dude ill make that 

Awesome!! I like your channel, keep those videos coming! :D



Your tutorials are great! 

Can't wait to play the finished game C: 


man your tutorial helped me to kick and start my own gb game thanks a lot :) 

and this project is awesome! :) 

im wondering how i would be able to use the tile set for this game. id just like to use the assets for this game for practice purposes. i just want to know how i can access tilesets for this game. thank you. P.S. the tutorials youve made are very informative and well made. i appreciate the time and care youve put into them.

Very nice content I hope you finish the game :D.

I am a big fan of the tutorials and would love to see some more vids about how to use GB or any other similar software that you use

I love the tutorials you made on this, Its been helpful. I was wondering if I could use your tileset as an reference for making my own. I been struggling with mine. 

Yeah feel free to use them in your work its fine with me. 

Hey Peter! I would love to see more in this game and more tutorials for GB studio. Good luck with Dwerve as well!

Uploading a new one today! Ill do them weekly for a while.