Controls: Z , X, Enter, Shift, Arrow Keys

Gurbs is a gnome that lives in the Little Tree Forrest. He wakes up to a squirrel taking his hat, the adventure begins! 

I made some tutorials for GB Studio, the tool I used. If you'd like me to finish the game and make more tutorials let me know!

My current project is a tower defense dungeon crawler Dwerve!

My Youtube Tutorials!



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please finish this


How u make game


GB Studio

Infinite cats and dogs, as it should be. 

Real time battle the Gurb


please finish this


Finish it, dawg

Hope you finish the game after Dwerve! Thanks for the fun time!


your GB studios tutorials helped me with my work in progress game, The Pointless Knight.  Great Game, and Great Videos!

Nice job

An NPC told me to pass this quest onto you: Finish this game. Will you accept this quest, adventurer?
By the way I'm SamSibbens, you left smiley faces as comments on two of my videos :D

I upgraded to Beta 2.0 and it's completely worth it - you can stick to the original Gameboy color palette if you want or you can "paint a palette" over tiles to change their colors. A lot of things work better too. I also made an "image splitter", I can feed it a giant image and it will split it into all the backgrounds required for my game, and named properly like overworld-y3-x7

I didn't even know about GB Studio, I came to your pixel tutorials and saw GB Studio tutorials as a playlist, that's how I found out about it. So thanks!




This game is cute and the graphics are awesome. I’d like to see you finish itA

Also an NPC told me to bug you about that...

Awesome art and game, really appreciate all the youtube tutorials!

Your work inspires me so much!! I watch your YouTube videos on GB Studio on repeat. 

Keep making amazing art and games.

Hi! i have a very dumb problem i hope you can help me with, i'm really new with GB sutdio and i want to learn how to put two rooms togheter, thank you <3!

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I made this from a blank layer I made from your Gurbs Adventure, cause I loaded your game in GB Studio 2 as a way to learn to use it and just swap things, and when I used this as the logo it said somethin about too many 8x8px details but it hardly has any detail... what did I do wrong?

ps. whilte its using that image the game won't run


nevermind, I figured it out, lol I had created new scenes for my art but didn't realize how to properly set them as the ones being used

This game has a lot of potentinal 

this is so fun omg


I can't wait to meet King Squirrel!

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found a glitch where i can get out of the map, hit enter then z very fast in succession and it teleports you and puts you outside the map

thanks for the work, this inspired me !!!

i just attacked the squirrel  and it went from 30hp to 1hp to 252hp 

maybe a little weird

haha whoops

The explanation on why that happens is on his videos, and even the fix, but I guess this version isn't updated.

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I collected one cats. You crack me up.

Really helpful tutorials and good loking arts :)


Hey man, I want to thank you for your tutorials. I'm watching them and they really help! I wanted to ask you if you could make a video showing how to make a character walk around and if you are in their line of sight they come to you and do whatever (talk, attack, etc.)

I'm trying to make a "don't be spotted" game, but so far I can make a character run to you if they are just standing, not walking around. It must be hard, but if you could make a tutorial for that, that would be awesome!


sure dude ill make that 

Awesome!! I like your channel, keep those videos coming! :D



Your tutorials are great! 

Can't wait to play the finished game C: 


im wondering how i would be able to use the tile set for this game. id just like to use the assets for this game for practice purposes. i just want to know how i can access tilesets for this game. thank you. P.S. the tutorials youve made are very informative and well made. i appreciate the time and care youve put into them.

Very nice content I hope you finish the game :D.

I am a big fan of the tutorials and would love to see some more vids about how to use GB or any other similar software that you use

I love the tutorials you made on this, Its been helpful. I was wondering if I could use your tileset as an reference for making my own. I been struggling with mine. 

Yeah feel free to use them in your work its fine with me. 

Hey Peter! I would love to see more in this game and more tutorials for GB studio. Good luck with Dwerve as well!

Uploading a new one today! Ill do them weekly for a while.